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In a global society, of all G7 nations, the U.S. has the highest “Wealth Gap” of participating countries. Economics provide one of the greatest means for underserved areas and underrepresented individuals to flourish and actively participate in a world having less borders and fewer boundaries.

More specifically, in the United States, the gap in economics serve as a “call to action” to erase disparities. 

The gap widens with each passing year since the great depression; whereby, In the United States, only the top 5% of the richest families and individuals have experienced economic growth and gains since the Great Depression.


Ownership is a key component of self-reliance and generational wealth.  It provides exclusive rights and control over assets, real estate, land and intellectual property.  The process towards acquisition and even maintaining acquired...
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Approximately 15 percent of the nation's businesses are minority-owned and generated 3 percent of all receipts. Businesses owned by underrepresented individuals are typically viewed as “high risk” by investors, but the fact is minority...
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