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Parent* training

Our PURPOSED PARENT, parent training program, is comprehensive and covers many aspects that will have you and your child working together for immediate and generational success.  Designed to help the parent and help the parent, help the child.

Two components (each can be enrolled in separately but we encourage the series):

1)Self-Actualization: This is about personal development.  Over the years we all have acquired “baggage” that impacts our interactions with others—even our children. Parents need to be whole themselves in order to better equip and enable children to thrive.  Even those who do not take care for a child, will benefit from this component. This component includes:

Strength finder

  • Personal parenting issue discovery
  • Growth and basic needs discovery
  • Personal development plan

Participants conclude this component with a written plan and strategies to transform their own life and be more effective in all relationships

2)Parental Involvement: This component focuses on parent-child interaction and includes:

  • Parent management
  • Purposeful parenting
  • Child-Teen transition
  • Social and Emotional support
  • School Involvement/engagement

The complete program arms the parent with all needed plans and strategies to personally be effective, support the child and impart effective means for the child to be successful.

*In Black American communities, the term “parent” is often encompassing of extended family members—and sometimes not even blood related.  If you care for a child this program is for you.