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Inform & Engage!

"Demonstration without active involvement in legislation, will not lead to change."

-Rev. A. Sharpton

So that the Black American citizenry can make informed decisions in its best interest, we provide credible and weighed insight on federal, state and select local level 

  • Ballot Initiatives
  • Current Legislation
  • Electoral Candidates
  • Elected Officials

 and how each impacts Black America and its communities.

We galvanize masses of individuals for social change through legislative engagement and programmatic action.

Find out about upcoming ballot initiatives and existing laws…. Or about the true interest of a person running for an elected seat at the national level or in your particular state and city …or if that Elected Official who is up for re-election has held the best interest of Black America and the Black American community.  This work is intensive.  DONATE to help us reach even more individuals.