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Our educational program focuses on the foundational years at two levels--Kinder to 4th grade and 5-9th grade. 

P.U.S.H. (Proving Unbelievable Success is Here) 

  • Provides targeted assistance based on diagnostic student information
  • Is structured at age appropriate grade levels utilizing appropriate grade level materials
  • scaffolded to meet the needs of students

It is designed, developed and led by certified administrators and board-certified teachers who understand Black American communities and culturally responsive education.

*THIS IS NOT A REMEDIATION PROGRAM.  Contrary to belief, most students DO NOT need remediation.

(Coming Soon.)


Nearly half of all undergraduate students of color lag behind in skills, preparation and readiness.  PROJECT FORWARD is designed for college admitted and high school graduates, aspiring to attend college: Those who were successful enough to graduate, yet in need of support and services as they, “Find Out the Realities of the World Are Really Different” than what may have been experienced during their K12 years. More to come!